About Kevin

Creating a future for you

I have a dream to empower our generation to create a future for themselves and the world.

Beyond my day role as a strategy consultant focused on energy and climate transition, I set up my career coaching practice to drive change.

I’ve a background in education and infrastructure industry which informs my writing and coaching practice significantly.

A future not based on status quo

So what do I do?

I’m a freelance career & mindset coach, writer and strategy consultant, specialised in infrastructure and the energy transition. On my blog, I write actively about infrastructure, economy, sustainability, technology and business. I am deeply concerned about the future of work, and empowerment of youths. I am also actively involved in mentoring fresh graduates and university students.

I am also on twitter, instagram and medium. Join my mailing list where I cover updates on my coaching work and also my writings.

Book your coaching session with me

We can't cover everything in a single session; nor would your challenges immediately fade away. But we can start somewhere, if you're currently looking:

  • for clarity on career direction having tasted work in some areas

  • to a change in profession direction but don’t know where or how to start

  • to develop strategies to build a professional moat for oneself

  • for guidance on developing the growth mindset to handle challenges at work