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Kevin's Career Coaching Hub

Kevin started his coaching practice in 2021 to serve mid-career young professionals with one to ten years experience at work with career transitions, pivots and also finding conviction in new endeavours.

Bringing together experiences in private, public sectors across infrastructure, education and freelance creative industry, Kevin wants to help you make the breakthrough towards purpose-driven work and life.

Gain clarity, conviction, develop a growth mindset and build a professional moat for yourself.

Packed with materials from a full hour of coaching session, this is the perfect starter guide for millennials, young and old, to clarify your approach towards job-seeking. This ebook helps to introduce some fundamental concepts in terms of career planning and approaches to think about one's job and role. They will pave the way towards a better fit, greater satisfaction and certainly better chances in getting hired!

Go through the ikigai exercise

One of the most well-read series of articles published on Kevin's Blog, the Ikigai series leads you through questions that matters on your journey to craft the purposeful life you're seeking to live.

Download your worksheet and start with this article.

The rest of the articles are linked here:

Too shy to arrange for a full fledge coaching session with me and prefer to sit with your own thoughts first?

Telling your career story is a 9-day email course taking you through an active process of applying the basic concepts in 'Dream, think & act'.

Enrolling into this course is about committing to take oneself through that process of reflecting upon one's purpose and direction, strategising the way forward in order to forge a career. And then working through the story that one will craft to embark on the first step of the journey to a career: clinching that job role you've been targeting.

This email course would normally take at least 4 hours of career coaching by Kevin (worth over $450) to cover all the basic framework and concepts. It is distilled down into 9-days of intense content; and it comes with a workbook to go through each day's exercises alongside the emails.


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